BAD weather COULD be GOOD for business?

People always have something on their minds – including fast-breaking trends, current events, what’s going on in sports, and yes… THE WEATHER. Savvy marketers keep their eyes and ears open to such things and are ready to move quickly to link their promotions and their advertising to what’s HOT and … Continue reading

Why Every Small Business Needs Millipede Marketing

Millipede Marketing For Small Businesses If there’s one critter known for creepy crawlies, it’s the lowly millipede. Contrary to what you might think, they a) don’t have (a) 1000 legs (750 tops) and b) they aren’t insanely poisonous or dangerous. Nevertheless, they are one bug-ugly varmint that I wouldn’t want … Continue reading

Four Horsemen of Marketing Apocalypse

Do You Know Your Marketing Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Possibly one of the most well-known images from ancient prophecy is that of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” – riding on horses of white, red, black and pale. I’ll leave interpretation up to the experts, however, there’s no disputing … Continue reading

Marketing Quiz Answers

Okay, I promised you the answers to the Post Card Marketing Quiz article from last Thursday. But First, please indulge a qualifying statement and a little rant. First, I like both of the restaurants featured in the postcard quiz this month. I know the owners to be true professionals and … Continue reading

Marketing Follow-up Is Missing Everywhere

Want to grow your business? Your Follow-up is critical to YOUR Business SUCCESS. How much do you have automated. A PowerCircle™ Member recently sent me the following statistics from a study by a national institution: 2% of Sales are made on the 1st contact. 3% of sales are made on … Continue reading

Fascinate Your Customers

I’m at the Dan Kennedy SuperConference in Orlando and I just met and talked to Sally Hogshead. You must take time and seek out her training on becoming fascinating to your customers. She has a fresh new way of looking at how you design your message and your USP … Continue reading

Customer Service Is Scary Out There

It is scary out there right now. Do you see what Congress, The President, our local city council is doing to us? It really is scary and they are making it more and more difficult for you and me to make a good income from our businesses. It’s one regulation … Continue reading